Stay the patient course.  Of little worth is your ire.  The network is down.

Saturday, April 25

Not every one of my posts is going to be serious, or even useful.  You can certainly judge that and comment on it.

I ran across an old list of computer error messages written as haiku.  ("Haiku"?  "Haikus"?  Whichever...)  They continue to amuse me.  The one I recalled was:

A crash reduces 

your expensive computer

to a simple stone.

I went back to my hard drive and found a few more I had written myself:

Is that your coding 

Or just your new aftershave? 

Something here smells bad.

So you hate Windows? 

Do not shoot the messenger 

I did not write it. 

Let me know what you think.

It is not Word's fault 

That it corrected spelling; 

Redmond is to blame. 

Empty the trash can 

With out regard for contents; 

Repent at leisure.