"You're on mute."

    - Pretty much everybody

You're on a video conference call.  You just finished a brilliant defense of your position.  The other attendees are stunned into silence at your eloquence.  Just before you take a virtual bow, you hear:

"You're on mute."

Mute.  That isn't the four-letter word you were thinking.  You "un-mute" and start over, but your heart is not in it this time.

The flip-side to this is, of course:  "Could everyone please mute?  We are getting a lot of background noise." which, of course, really means, "Who is taking a different phone call during this video call and could you please at least be subtle about it?"

We spent years learning in-person etiquette and most people, at least most successful people, have that figured out.

Then we spent a lot of time on email etiquette and OTHER THAN THE YELLERS and the reply allers, we're doing OK there.

So, it will take us all a little time to get the mechanics and the etiquette of video conferencing down.  Until then, be aware of the different ways you can mess up.

Can you hear me now?