I ran across this map of real-time computer attacks from Bitdefender.

That is a screen shot of it up on the left.  You may need to click on it to see it more clearly.  You may also want to follow the link to see what's happening now.  (That is not to be confused with the Church of What's Happening now from the Flip Wilson Show.)

I knew it reminded me of something, and I figured it out.  "Norad" a game for the Apple ][ by Western MicroData Enterprises Ltd. c.1981.  I went looking for more information on Western MicroData Enterprises Ltd. to give appropriate props, and I couldn't find anything else.  Use the comments if you want to flash back with me 40 years to the "good old days" when all we were worried about were nuclear weapons coming over the pole.

"So what?" you say?  So let's dance!