The chart above shows the number of commercial flights on March 2, April 20, and May 20.  In the April 20 trough, the number of flights was down 75% and the 7-day moving average down about the same at 73%.  As of yesterday, there are two ways to look at the data:

The first is that the number of fights is still down 63%.  That is the sky is half-empty view.

The second is that the number of flights is up almost 46% from the trough and that the 7-day moving average is moving in the right direction.  This is the sky is half-full view.

When will things be back to "normal?"  Who knows, but things are better than they were and not as good as I hope they'll be soon.

The above data is from  If you have never looked at that site, it tracks air traffic through a network of individual devices which read the transponders of aircraft.  I run a tracking site on a Raspberry Pi, just for fun, so I have access to the data.